Corporate Photography

I have experience working in all types of corporate environments and have helped many clients across multiple industries capture their work space and employees.

Corporate Photography can include one or more of the following:

  • Individual Corporate Headshots

  • Employee Groups

  • Building Photos - Outdoor

  • Corporate Workspace - Indoor

  • Candid Employee Photography

Corporate Photography Clients

Assante Wealth Management - Taglieri Group Family Wealth Advisors,

Micheal Taglieri, Senior Wealth Advisor for Taglieri Group Family Wealth Advisors, contacted me to shoot new photos for their website. Michael used to be in the photography industry before he changed careers. I had worked with him before, and he trusts my vision and loves my style. Their office space in Burlington is nice and modern so there were several spots that worked perfectly for their photos and aligned with their corporate branding.


We started the photoshoot in the main lobby because of its simple, monochromatic and modern look. The interior of the building acted as the perfect backdrop to make the Assante team look professional and stand out. We also took some of the individual corporate head shots in one of the offices that was tiled with sleek design. As we were wrapping up our session, I noticed the team casually standing in the doorway, so I quickly grabbed my camera, made some adjustments to the poses and took another team photo. And that is the team photo that they ended up using for their website. As always, they were thrilled with their pictures and enjoyed the experience.

Law Commission of Ontario - York University

Laura, the Executive Officer and Secretary to the Board of Governors for the Law Commission of Ontario at York University contacted me to have photos taken for the website which was being updated. I had worked with Laura on other occasions, and she was always pleased with the quality of my work. They required headshots, daily operation and action shots along with detailed photos of their publications. They gave me a list of shots they needed, andI had the creative licence to photograph how I saw fit. They were pleased with the variety and quality of photos that I curated for them. This was such a fun photoshoot for all involved.

Summit Wealth Advisory Group -

Paul Sabat, the managing partner of Summit Wealth, contacted me to update their team photos which they do every couple of years. The images are used on reports as well as their website. Summit Wealth has a beautiful and bright corner office located in the Hullmark Corporate Centre. The space is minimalistic, and the offices have glass walls, so there is natural light everywhere, making it perfect for photography. The photo session went smoothly, and the results were professional.

"Thank you for the great headshots" - Paul Sabat.